About us

Joachim Barisch

Collector, autodidact, studies, wrist watch designer.

Formation of the company and protection of trademark J. B. Gioacchino in 2002. Company headquarters in Landsberg a. L., Germany.

J. B. Gioacchino is an experienced company which pursues enthusiastically a sustainable development of the products. Sustainability stands for high quality standards and designs independent of trends, that show the hand of the designer.

As the founder of the company and a lover of excellent watches I design every timepiece on my own – not willing to compromise I identify to one hundred percent with my products!

J. B. Gioacchino assemble in cooperation with well-known manufacturers in Germany and use nothing but the famous high-grade „Swiss Made“ watch movements.

Joachim Barisch

With our watches I associate memories of a grandfather, who leaves his grandson back with that certain something
– his watch.

Joachim Barisch